Artist Statement


Timothy Innamorato

Timothy Innamorato (°1966, Brooklyn, United States) 


Color and composition , the way a color sits next to another color , drives my brush

When I paint I get lost in the dynamics of the process,I contemplate the reaction that a color when painted next to another color might give, My goal is to leave the viewer with an emotion, knowing that somehow the color and composition that the human hand creates can touch the mind of the viewer.


You are what you believe, and somehow art brings it to the surface, the passion to paint drives my production , sometimes I dont paint in series, but often I paint what comes to me in the moment and to me all moments are unique , I try to capture that in my work.  Time plays a role in the evolution of my painting, I will work over and over a subject sometimes for months, some paintings even longer. Doing this so I can figure out where the  color and composition takes me.


 In the end what drives me is this feeling that I must paint,if that produces something that another person can enjoy then I feel accomplishment.