havnt posted in awhile this is me at the gallery with my painting it was a great night and show


ready for tonight 


I painted the sides with metalic silver did final details , added a wire to the back ,I signed it and I am ready to show up and throw up.  I hope it turns out ok tonight, Im excited and looking forward to the show :)

I havnt blogged in a week, just to update I ordered my business cards and Im finishing up my painting "and the vision was" getting it ready for "show up and throw up" next saturday I still have more work to add to this site I need to scan in old photos also thinking about making a page for my deorative work still debating weather or not I should. I feel I should keep this only fine art

Long day on the computer still working on this website, updated and added more paintings, 


Found out some sad news this weekend TW Curtis died on friday He was a great artist. He let me hang some of my artwork in his gallery in St Pete He will be mssed.

Makes you think about time and the need to sieze the day

Today IM taking pics and working on website, I was hoping for a sunny day to get the best light but over cast will do for now 


Sometimes I like to put music to my paintings here is a link

Been working on this painting for an upcoming show in St Pete, called show up and throw up, meaning you can bring a painting and put it on the wall,

  So I plan on getting new cards made with this website on it to give out that night

Oleson Gallery January 18, 2014

Hope they let me on their wall :)

Worked hard again at Splat Paint had set backs but they were expected,

working on this website need to fill in description for some paintings 

Cant spend all my time in front of the computer need to open a tube of paint and sniff the oil smell ahhhhhh


Working on this Website

Its not complete allot of work is missing, sometimes looking up all the images can be exhausting. Had a long productive day at work polishing venetian palster, gotta keep the art moving :)